How to Choose Dropshipping Products and Suppliers?

It is important to choose the right supplier and product because not all suppliers are good, we are here to help you choose the right supplier and product.


Let’s begin by exploring the foremost popular dropshipping store option out there – Oberlo and Shopify!

Oberlo And Shopify

You might have already heard of Shopify, but whether or not you haven’t – you’ll know all about it by the tip of this section. Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms straight away, enabling users to open online stores and even start dropshipping with exclusive integrations like Oberlo. In fact, many of the web stores you have got already made purchases from are likely to possess Shopify dropshipping stores. When it involves dropshipping, Oberlo and Shopify go hand in hand. Starting a retail business of any kind is pretty simple with Shopify since you do not require any technical knowledge. All you wish is to grasp the steps, pay their monthly fee, and promote your online store.

Likewise, Oberlo is an integration exclusive to Shopify, which allows you to seek out products to dropship, explore and import items straight to your online store while connecting with suppliers from everywhere around the globe. a bit like with the other dropship integration, you do not have to worry about packaging and shipping since Oberlo and Shopify will be sure of that for you.

Getting Started With Shopify Dropshipping

Creating a store with Shopify is pretty simple, and it doesn’t require any technical skills to try and do so. We’ll bear the fundamental steps here, but don’t hesitate to go to their official website for a more detailed guide.

  1. Create a Shopify account by signing up with an email address and password;
  2. Attach a payment method so as to receive payments from customer purchases;
  3. Generate necessary policies like Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms and Conditions for your store. Shopify has tools that may facilitate your do that;
  4. Set your shipping rates, or better offer your customer free shipping. this could be done by incorporating your shipping fees into your retail price (e.g., selling a product for $25 with free shipping rather than $20 with $5 shipping. Just a bit eCommerce trick);
  5. Launch your store: choose a subject matter, customize your store and build a logo with Shopify’s Hatchful tool.

Once your store is prepared, it is time to feature the products!

Adding Products To Your Shopify Store

The easiest route to require when adding products to your Shopify dropshipping store is thru Oberlo. This exclusive integration allows you to explore items and dropshipping suppliers, compare prices and add products to your dropshipping store via the Oberlo Marketplace. All you would like to try and do is download the app from the Shopify Appstore, founded your account, and acquire started. Oberlo sources products from AliExpress, allowing you to flick through thousands of products and import people who are competitive and fit your niche. AliExpress could be a huge marketplace with a large style of products to settle on from.

You can either source AliExpress products via the Oberlo Marketplace and also the Oberlo app or directly through AliExpress via the Oberlo Chrome Extension (OCE). Either way, the combination instantly syncs your imports together with your Shopify store, notifies you of inventory or price changes on the supplier’s side, notifies the supplier when orders are placed, and it even allows you to trace orders.

As we mentioned within the first chapter, slow shipping rates can sway be a competitive disadvantage sometimes, but there are some ways around it. as an example, some AliExpress dropshipping suppliers offer the ePacket delivery option, which usually takes 1-2 weeks for your order to achieve the customer. it is best to go for the ePacket premium shipping delivery option whenever possible.

How To Find An Excellent Supplier

There are conditions that this supplier must have in order to ensure the speed of response to requests sent, shipping, and more.

1. Choose Reputed Sellers With Positive Feedback

This is perhaps the most important thing while evaluating AliExpress suppliers. As a rule of thumb buy from suppliers that have 95% and higher positive feedback.

The “Feedback Score” shows the seller’s sales volume and the “Positive Feed Rate” represents the feedback that the supplier has received.

A supplier with more than 95% Positive Feedback Rate and 2,000 Feedback Scores is considered a reputed seller.

Also, note the number of years the store has been in business.



So the qualities of a suitable supplier are:

A. Positive feedback is 95% or more.

B. He has the trust badge (Top Brand).

C. Its ratings are above 4.5

D. This store has been open for at least 5 years.

If you apply these qualities then this resource is perfect, and you may be wondering why this store should have been open for at least 5 years? In fact, this is a good question and the answer to that is even if you contact him and tell him that you are a dropshipping merchant, he will have knowledge of dropshipping, but if the supplier is new, you may face some difficulties, so the older the supplier’s store, the better it becomes with the application of the previous conditions.

2. Communicate With The Seller Before Making The Purchase

Proper communication with suppliers could be a must since products come directly from them, not AliExpress.

The best way is to right away write to the supplier. Clear all of your doubts and ask them any item’s specific details, shipping, or delivery questions.

You can find the vendor contact details within the left sidebar on the merchandise page:


Here we have a ready message that you can copy and send to the supplier, and this does not mean that you do not add anything from you, if you have a question that you want to be answered, you can add it with the message:

Hello, my name is [ Your Name ],

I’ve Shopify dropshipping store, and I am interested in the following product:
[ product/s Link ]

I would like to start selling to [Type the name of the country /countries].

Please let me know if you have fast shipping times (no longer than 10 Business days). I also need to know the processing time for my orders, if you can process my orders within 2 business days. To start working with me, I need you to reply back with this sentence:

“I agree to go in strategic partnership with Mr [Your Name], I allow my partner to price the item whichever he likes. I also allow my partner to sell on behalf of me.”

Thank You,

[Your Name]

How To Find Winning Product

Finding a winning product is one of the important factors to consider because building a house without a bathroom is not a home.

So we will explain what are the characteristics of a winning product and how to find it easily and also we will learn how you can write an excellent description to attract your audience because the description of Ali Express is bad.

1. What Are The Characteristics Of A Winning Product?

The product has characteristics. If it has the most characteristics that we will mention, it is considered a profitable product

A. You Can’t Easily Find It Selling Elsewhere

You need to find dropshipping products that people can’t buy from the store that is 3 minutes away from their homes. Products should be unique and rare in the market and motivate impulsive buyers.

B. It Has No Advertising Restrictions

Chances are you may make most of your sales through advertising, especially if you’re just starting together with your store. ensure you don’t sell products that you simply can’t advertise on the most important ad platforms.

For example, you can’t run ads for tobacco products, adult content, or face masks on Facebook and Google. Have a glance at what Facebook and Google need to stay their ad policies and avoid unpleasant surprises.

C. The Product Has A Wow Factor

Winning products should also pleasantly surprise potential buyers. consider the last clothing ad you saw on Instagram and clicked straight away – that’s a wow factor. In the upcoming articles, By the way, you will learn how to market your online store in a great way, just wait 😀

D. A Winning Product Solves A Problem

People like to buy products that solve problems that they may encounter in their lives, for example, a child who closed the door and stuck his finger in the door, here the father will need a product that solves this problem, right?

When he finds this product, they will buy it without thinking, because in this way he solved the problem and protected his son, so finding a product that solves a problem is one of the excellent qualities to increase your sales.

E. The Product Plays With The Feelings Of The Customer

Have you got a son? Do you have a pet? Have you thought about gifting someone you love?…etc.

Suppose you went with your son to the supermarket and he asked you to buy this candy, you will often buy it for him because this product played with your feelings because you love your son, you will buy it for him.

Or you want to buy a gift for someone you love, this also plays with your feelings and makes you buy this product because you love the person.

Do you remember the kid who slammed the door on his finger?

Why did the father buy this product?

First, because this product solved a problem, and secondly because the father loves his son and plays with the father’s feelings. This product will be supernatural because it contains two features.

There are too many examples. If I mention them all, we will not finish.

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