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You Offer Your Services To Us


We Will Work On Serving You, And When You Make A Profit, We Will Pay You The Amount Of The Service

Working Conditions

If you want to work with us, there are things you should know first of all. We do not pay you the money for your service directly upon completion, but until we achieve profits from this service and pay the required amount. That is why we do not work with anyone unless he is confident that his work will generate profits.

When Do We Pay For Your Service?

Earning money from your service may take less than a day or even a year or an unknown time. We do not know when that day will come when there is some profit, but once the profit is achieved we will pay you the amount of your service.

Therefore, expect that it may take 10 years, a month, or less than a day to achieve profits.

What If The Service Fails And No Profits Are Made?

Unfortunately, this is a loss for you and us, so the amount will not be paid because the amount depends on the profit.


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